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Nürnberg Web Week
c/o NUE digital GmbH
Hessestraße 5-7
90443 Nürnberg

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Adobe XD: The ultimate tool for UX design?

  • Design
  • Corporate (Enterprise)
  • Freelancer
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Web, App & Coding

People will learn basic skills to form a concept and UX for a website/webapp by Adobe XD. I will show how to use Adobe XD in the designing process of user interfaces.

Coworking Space Nürnberg, Event Lounge (Nürnberg)
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We will start to define the goals of a little web project. This could be a cool webapp for fintech, a nice food app, a landing page or whatever we decide to create. The participants therefore are invited to provide their ideas for this prototype. We define target group and basic functionalities and continue with wireframing. Then I show how to create mockups. I show the basic workflow of the program and finally creating a fine mockup which will be ready to be prototyped in HTML/CSS.

Everyone can join the process. Therefore we download a test version of Adobe XD if not yet installed.Designers and developers using different tools like SketchApp or others are heartily invited to join and to discuss advantages/disadvantages of this workflow afterwards.


The group will work together on a design mockup for a website or app. With a group of more participants different tasks can be assigned to little smaller groups to split the work.


Participants take the knowledge to decide if the new skills can be a good alternative to their previous workflow. It might be interesting for people who work already in traditional printing and publishing and want to have an easy start in creating digital media.

Open Q&A with discussion are welcome.


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      Event Lounge, Coworking Space Nürnberg
      • Web, App & Coding
      • Marketing & Social Media
      • Freelancer
      • Corporate (Enterprise)
      • Design

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